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The Hot Spot Cafe

An exquisite Cafe for Recreation
  • Date 6 June 2016
  • Status Completed

A Distinctive Web application for Best Expression of a Cafe.


Concept Research, UX Definition, UI Design, Development, Quality Assurance.

Project Overview

We are adding this project in the case study section because of its distinctive nature. In this project, the client wanted to create something not trendy, not common but something unique and different.
This uniqueness was present in his cafe, he wanted that in his web application as well. So, we unleashed our design adroitness to its full capacity and came up with something unique yet appealing design and user experience.

This web application contained a different design, it mobile responsiveness was to be ensured. On the back-end side, a blog and an admin panel was to be created. This blog would contain all the functionalities of a universal blog. However, the admin panel would be used to change the dynamically generated content of the website. The most important part was making the website fast. With all the information, pictures and sound present in a web page, the page is bound to load slow. We used latest cutting edge technologies to make it fast on different devices.

Our Approach

Our approach towards this project was to identify the hiccups which we will face in the project life cycle. The key areas in which some decision were required are as follows,

  • Design approach for studying different cafe related website and identifying the uniqueness which is to be the driving force for our design.
  • The more unique design will create different set of problems during the development phase of the website. We had to keep in mind while designing the application as well.
  • The blog and admin panel needs to be fast and connected with the web, so that the data entered remain ready.

Our Process


Creative brief


Approved Design


File preparation



This project presented the online presence of a cafe. Due to extensive nature of the admin panel and blog and its connectivity with the web application, we followed following process during the project life cycle.

  • After finalizing the requirement, extensive research was done to identify the pathway for unique design.
  • After this followed the development phase, it was to create a first iteration of design with all fully implemented features.
  • Here comes the stage of quality assurance, we performed rigorous testing in this phase in regards with different devices and screens. This made sure of the animations to perform exactly the same on all screens and even mobile platform.
  • After this back-end and front-end testing comes in and make the product market ready.
  • The web application goes live.

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