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English Premier League

Android Wear Design & Development
  • Date 6 June 2016
  • Status Completed

EPL WatchFace brings live football match to your smart watch. With every update in a live match, this update is pushed to your smart watch dial in a dazzling way.


UI/UX Design, Android Wear Development

Project Overview

The Premier League is merely the top division in a vast and extensive English league system, known informally as “the pyramid.” Prior to the formation of the Premier League (which was created as a breakaway entity in 1992), the English Football League consisted of four divisions comprising 92 clubs. That system is still in place, but now the Premier League, which is governed separately, sits atop the three Football League divisions (which are, confusingly, known in descending order as the Championship, League One and League Two).

We at Andpercent came up with the solution to develop an Android wear application which will update the premier league fans on the go, On the contrary we designed a custom theme based watch face to show love and dedication to their club.

Our Approach

Our approach towards this project was to fully understand the requirements by conducting a series of meeting with the client. The client then gave us the task to fully conceptualize the project by performing research in this field. While doing this, we kept in mind the technical side and architectural specification of the application as well. The key areas for our research includes,

  • Analysis of the similar platforms already present in this field.
  • Research on giving the best user experience, in order to cope up with elder usage and yet not making it outdated and incompatible with latest UI UX guidelines.
  • Identification of development requirements, keeping in mind the scalability for emerging platforms such as smart phone. So, we chose angular so get responsive front-end implementation of our designs and YII framework to make it scalable for mobile as well.
  • To achieve real time communication and data synchronization, we used latest available technology and best architecture to make our data readily available and synchronized along our systems.

Our Process


Creative brief


Approved Design


File preparation



This project has multiple type of users, each one has a different set of privileges. The mobile application, which is to be used by end customer needed to be developed in both android and IOS. So, it had a complex set of requirements dealing with all the users of the application. So, in order to streamline the design and development of the project, we divided the project into following concrete steps.

  • Simplify the requirement, create a architecture specification and scope document for whole of the project. Listing down each and every tiny detail of the project. It gave us a strong foundation, upon which whole building of the project was to be built.
  • Developed wire frames of the mobile application and web content management system. This step defined the user experience of the application and back-end portal.
  • Design the mobile application and web portal based on wire frames and user experience defined in previous step.
  • After the finalization of design, a functional specification document is prepared for both mobile application and web portal. It lists down the functional as well as non-functional behavior of the portal and mobile application.
  • All our hard work paid off in this phase, the development became very simple for us. Because the user experience and design was fully finalized, we proceeded to development phase and it got very speedy because design and architectural decisions were made in previous steps.
  • In this last step, we performed rigorous testing on both the web platform as well as mobile application. This step removed bugs and made it market ready product.
  • Our Product goes live on both android IOS and Web Portal simultaneously.

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