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Putting Heart into Caregiving
  • Date 6 June 2016
  • Status Completed

Curaguard enables seniors to live an independent life with support from family and friends.


Concept Research, UX Definition, UI Design, Development, Quality Assurance.

Project Overview

This application provides an on-line platform for caregiving to elders in our society. This help is provided by different volunteers present in the vicinity of the elders. Here, the elders can post any task relating to daily chores such as mowing the lawn, getting the electrician, providing the transportation service for doctor's visit. The volunteers and elders are organized in different networks, where volunteers will send invites and bring other volunteers to their networks. So, a bond of trust develops between elder and volunteers present in the same network. When an elder post a task, he select a volunteer from among his network, specify a time and date, specify place where the task is to carried out.

Now, a whole activity section is generated for this task posted. He can first select more than a single volunteer to carry out this task. After having live chat and exchange of notes, he will assign the task to a single volunteer and then will mark the task as completed over successful completion of the task.

After successful execution of curaguard, we have also implemented the Curaguard Plus. This whole new feature gives the liberty to elders to assign the management of their curaguard accounts to a trusted person. That person will be able to post tasks and manage the profile on behalf of the elder. This has helped those elders who were not able to use our system due to different reason. Their task will also be performed and their issues will be sorted out.

Our Approach

Our approach towards this project was to fully understand the requirements by conducting a series of meeting with the client. The client then gave us the task to fully conceptualize the project by performing research in this field. While doing this, we kept in mind the technical side and architectural specification of the application as well. The key areas for our research includes,

  • Analysis of the similar platforms already present in this field.
  • Research on giving the best user experience, in order to cope up with elder usage and yet not making it outdated and incompatible with latest UI UX guidelines.
  • Identification of development requirements, keeping in mind the scalability for emerging platforms such as smart phone. So, we chose angular so get responsive front-end implementation of our designs and YII framework to make it scalable for mobile as well.
  • To achieve real time communication and data synchronization, we used latest available technology and best architecture to make our data readily available and synchronized along our systems.

Our Process


Creative brief


Approved Design


File preparation



This application has two sections, Curaguard and Curaguard Plus. These both sections provide a comprehensive list of features dealing with both volunteer and elder differently. So, after identification our design and development approach, we moved forward to divide the project into following concrete steps.

  • Firstly, we simplified our requirements and listed down each bits and pieces to the paper. This process gave us a head start into the design section where each requirement was already written down.
  • Developed wire frames of the whole system. This defined our user experience of the application for each different user of the different sections.
  • After finalizing the design comes the stage of developing a functional specification document and development plan of the application.
  • At this stage, we were done with the design phase of the application and documentation phase as well. Here comes the development phase, due to rigorous iteration in the previous steps, there was no confusion in this phase and we got through it seamlessly.
  • In this last step, to make it ready for the market, we performed extensive testing and the system usage was elevated in terms of usage and user experience.
  • The web application goes live.

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